- The most ridiculous word in the English language.
Do you remember those delicious childhood treats,
Kudos candy bars.. the first step to evil "fun-sized"
candy bars?  What the heck is so fun about a smaller
candy bar, anyways?  The Man, if he exists, is a jerk.  

Anyways, we here at the Touch Factory have been developing our own tasty-little treats (see what we did there?) - The Distinguished Kudos List.  These are people and places that we support and you should too.  We consider it an honor and we do not add anything to this list lightly. Bottom line, this is taking our time to do, and we're lazy.  So, kudos to them for all they do.  And yes, we know website links are not as delicious as actual Kudos bars but let's face it, if we did have one of those tiny rectangles of delight, we'd have eaten it and not given it to you.

Want to be on our Kudos List?  Think _you_ deserve a Kudos bar?

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Canyon Run Ranch - Just north of Dayton in Pleasant Hill, Ohio this wedding venue is just see-to-believe beautiful. Kinda like Matthew McConaughey before all of the bronzing.  

See, told ya it was distinguished.  But we'll be sure to add plenty more as our adventures continue...
Fourth Day Echo - Shout out to Matt Cowherd for
pushing us down the line and just for being an all around cool dude.  And if you haven't already, you need to catch a Fourth Day Echo show.
Scarf It Up For Those in Need - Scarf It Up gathers and distributes handmade scarves to inner-city youth, homeless, the elderly and others in need. So let's all "Come Together," give these guys some love, attend an event and help out however you can. It takes a special person to give time and money to a cause they believe in. And this is definitely an exceptional cause with some exceptional volunteers.  In fact, after meeting them we seriously considered changing our name to "The Scarfables."
Plain Folk Cafe - No band deserves the kindness that the owners (shout- out to Vicky and John) of Plain Folk Cafe bestow. A charming atmosphere, great food and coffee, with a focus on live music.  Specifically, if you are a fan of bluegrass, this is a must.  Our only question, "Why can't the whole world be like Plain Folk Cafe?"
Cincinnati PartyBus and Limousines - 

We're rockstars, so we use limousines just to get from the living room to the refrigerator.  And these guys are the best.

New gig idea:  The Touchables, live, on your PartyBus.  Let's make it happen.