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Need You Now - The Touchables Cover

Prepare yourself.  This will be the only serious page on our entire website.  I know that will be tough to do, but together we can make it through.  


Who we are is a group of musicians who just love each other and the music we play.  Most of it anyway.  And although Matt smells funny and Scott sweats profusely, we can still get together at the end of the night for a big disgusting hug. It's beautiful I tell ya.  

What we are is options.  Four of us sing lead and backups which broadens our music to more genres and styles.  When and where can be found on our schedule page.  We'd love to see you out.  Why?  Because a  DJ can never replace live music.  Never. And how are we?  We're good, thanks for asking.  How the hell are you?


And finally, because we cannot help ourselves,

To our mamas:  We love you.

To our girlfriends:  Damn you look good.  



The Touchables.

Jeffrey Donaldson - Percussion, Eye Candy, Pledge

Ryan Boldery - Guitar, Grey Shirt, Black Jeans

Scott Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar, Sweaty

Elizabeth Orsborn - Vocals, Just fell over, Run chickens run

Charlie Suits - Horns, Long walks on the beach, Wine please

Matt Knochel - Vocals, Bass, Driver of Van, Breaker of hearts

Georgio Keyboardio - Keys, has last name that no one remembers anymore.

Are you STILL looking for more information about us?  Are you kidding me?  We're

seriously not that interesting!  But since you asked for it, click here for more info.

- Bambi's mother dies at the end.



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