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Ah, the stereotypical "about us" page on every band's website where bands who take themselves too seriously link pictures and bios of each member - like anyone cares except their mommas and sissy girlfriends. 


Truth be told, we're in the band and we barely care about ourselves. We just stick to the band motto which has three parts: 


- Are our harmonies on?

- Are our pants tight enough?

- Is the tightness of our pants keeping our harmonies from being on?


Still reading..?  Why?  Wait, are you telling us you really would like to know _who_ we are?  Like, for real?  You are willing to brave the long strenuous journey past our hardened, beautiful exteriors to see into our innermost thoughts, feelings, and into our very souls?  Do you think you really have what it takes?


- Go ahead, say it with a Canadian accent.

Ride wit Me - The Touchables Cover



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