- Close your eyes.  That's our best side.

Kelly Wedding
Joe "Rico Suave" Bishop
Less Rico, more Suave
Best Waffle Ever
Liz Orsborn and the ugly 1/2 of Matt
One of our favorites
Wish he was my best friend
This beautiful moment brought to you
Matt is sweaty.
You horny, baby?
Yes, yes you are.
We promise, the sound is prettier.
Love these two!
The two are OK
Robbing the cradle
Definitely singing off-key
Get out of my dreams, Joe.
Ah ah ahchoo!  That never happened
That videographer tho.
Is this where we get the cake!?
Sings better than you do.
Stay classy, San Diego.
We want cake!  We want cake!
Now this is love, people.
Man and wife (not pictured here)
Did someone say "cake?"
Ring around the Watsons
I don't know these people.
People walking down a street
The Touchy Torskys
Liz, post-fried chicken.
And I would do anything for love..
Click away quick!
Dolla Dolla Bills, ya'll!
We also play not in boxes.
You be trippin'.
Still trippin'
Guest drummer + chicken.
One of our favorites.
The 30 foot view



Click away quick!

Don't look in his eyes for too long.